Better Face Mask

This Face Mask could help to provide the protection of infections and many other airborne elements


This Face Mask could provide protection against infection and many other airborne elements.

  • Hand Wash, Hang Dry, reusable mask
  • Elastic. Wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face (Adult size)
  • Suitable for outdoor travel, airport, trains, hospitals, streets and any other public places
  • Ideal for helping to protect you from dust, bacteria, flu, allergies, fog, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, etc.

Most Political leaders are now recommending that anyone who must go outdoors should wear a face mask.

Disposable masks are nearly impossible to find right now, and are being saved for our country’s dedicated medical staff and first responders.

Our original “Better Face Mask” is what put us on the map, but now our NEW antimicrobial cotton face mask is gaining popularity. Both are washable and re-usable, but our antimicrobial mask is made with a pocket for inserting air filters. Take your face mask up a notch and keep your family protected with our better face masks.

Asset Surplus Group & Bear Holdings provide Medical Supplies to those who need them, while profits go back to fund Re-Entry Ministries (

How to wear your FaceMask